blogpad pro for #etmooc

With the immersion into #etmooc I have begun to reevaluate the infrastructure to my social networking and communication network. The ability to blog, catch up on g+ and follow twitter has become a necessity when it used to be only a convenience. 
With that in mind, I ventured out to find an app to allow me to reflect and pontificate on the posts and tweets coming out of the introduction week of #etmooc. This led me to upgrading to blog pad pro for ipad. 
  This move has been comfortable and has simplified my ability to communicate. The user friendly interface and free flowing sequencing of actions makes it much less cumbersome than other apps.
   This review is far from comprehensive but for those new to blogging this is well worth the $5 to introduce yourself to blogging on the ipad in the coming weeks!


What a day! My phone was receiving so many emails that my phone was dead by noon. I then went through a moment of self doubt about whether I was over my head with keeping up with all the EtMOOC community. Luckily though I was saved by a post in the community about filtering the notifications. So in honor the great realization of the vastness of this adventure I whipped up a quick Haiku Deck Presentation.

Hello #etmooc!

Chris here from Buffalo. I am a Data Coordinator and am excited for my first step into a cMooc and starting a new blog with a new direction!

Below is a short GoAnimate Intro!